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A2K Theatricals has works in various stages of development.  Please find the most current listed below.


Written by playwright, Sergei Burbank, CONVERSION RATE is an original play that brings together a powerful story with physical theatre. 


An aspiring journalist thinks he’s found the motherlode: a retired and possibly crooked cop whose tainted caseload might have put untold numbers of innocent men behind bars. But is his target subject as frail as he seems? Is his own journalistic record as spotless as he claims? And are the police -- the spear’s tip of society’s criminal justice system -- solely responsible for the consequences of the job with which they’ve been tasked?


Conversion Rate examines questions of ethics, humanity, and collective responsibility for the three-strikes, prison-industrial complex that now encumbers American society.


Playwright: Sergei Burbank


Director: Adam Karsten

Choreographer: Karen Sieber

Numbers from the new work were workshopped at the National Dance Institute and a planned Off Broadway run is being prepared by A2K Productions, LLC.




Kirby Fields recently premiered his new play with a fully staged reading at Labryinth Theatre Company in New York, under the title, SUMMER SESSION WITH THE BONES BRIGADE. 


This fantastic new play is set in the American Middle West in the summer of 1988 when Metallica still kicked ass, emotions ran high and youth walked the timeless and dangerous line of navigating friendships and coming of age.

The play features a ten-foot half-pipe being built, skated on, destroyed, and rebuilt—all on stage! The half-pipe enhances the theatrical experience in a character-driven play that explores such universal themes as friendship, youth, and loss.


Playwright: Kirby Fields


Director: Adam Karsten

Choreographer: Karen Sieber

Currently in development for an Off-Broadway run.

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